The fifth colour (WT)

Feature film 2010. 90 min.

Director: Heiko Aufdermauer.

Philip is in his mid 20s and lives with his father. He works as a policeman in a small town in Brandenburg. During the deportation of a group of illegal Turkish immigrants, a particular stroke of bad luck befalls him when he chases a young man who runs across the thin ice of a lake, falls in, and dies. No one is to be found who can help Philip verify his story. After a few months, Fey Fatah, the wife of the dead man, enlists herself to find out exactly what happened. Philip's encounter with her is the answer to his existential crisis: Fey is a deeply committed Sufi (a mystical branch of Islam faith) and the only one who can stop him from blaming himself. When she leaves, it is impossible for him to continue with his old life, so he follows her.