Rock'n'Roll Pictures has been producing German and international documentaries and feature films in Berlin since 2010. Our focus is to develop and realize our own internationally relevant material by supporting young talented screenwriters, directors, crew, with emphasis on creating new formats and ways of interpreting existing ones. We believe that the artistic quality of our product should be equally as important as its relevance to the audience. 2010 marked the completion of our first short documentary "RAW- we've come to stay", which has been shown at numerous film festivals. With the half-documentary film "Dafne-the opera (WT)", which is currently in the post production stage, 2011 will mark the second release from Rock'n'Roll Pictures. Additionally, our full-length feature film "The fifth colour (WT)", is currently in development.


In addition to producing documentaries and feature films, we also participate in international co-productions. Our ability to produce in English, French, Spanish, Italian, or German makes us an ideal partner for overseas and international filmmakers. We also produce image and advertising films of all kinds, including concert footage, music videos, movie and television advertising, online castings, and representation footage. We create customized solutions, ranging from the creation and production of a project to the final online product or DVD.